Busty Escorts for a Crown Prince

Georgina woke up in London to her phone caterwauling near her ear. She sat up in shock, looking around her, trying to orient herself in space and time.

“Wha-?” she mumbled before her hand brushed against her phone and she picked it up, putting it to her ear before she knew what she was doing.

“George, you expensive little escort we need you in the office in the next fifteen minutes.” Fiona’s brisk voice said in her ear. Fiona was in charge of their schedules, making sure there were no clashes and what not. She was strict, but fair. Georgina thought about telling her that she’d gotten to bed quite late but hesitated. This might be a lucrative job.

“Okay”, she said.

“A really high brow businessman wants to hire five of you busty escorts with mega big boobs to entertain the Prince of Moldovonia. He’s going to be here in ten minutes to choose. I don’t have to tell you that this is a really high paying job. So go on, hair and makeup. We meet back in the conference room in eight”, Fiona said.
There was a flurry of movement as the girls in the room hurried out, heading toward the Costumes and Makeup room. Georgina hurried out with the rest, determined to get this opportunity.

Richie Cranston’s mansion was out of this world. Georgina was pretty sure that her entire house could fit in the foyer. A butler greeted them at the door, and led them to a banquet hall where he announced them one by one. Georgina felt quite like a Victorian princess. An usher showed them where to sit, at a long table with several men. Richie Cranston was nowhere in sight but one of the men at the table leaned forward to introduce his companions. The prince was a shy young man who kept his eyes mostly on his plate in between darting glances at the escort girls. Georgina smiled at him, leaning forward to give him a good view of her large cleavage.

“So…you come to London often?” she teased, after asking the man who introduced them if it was okay to address him directly.

The prince smiled, meeting her eyes, “I might come more often now”, he said, eyes twinkling. Georgina raised her eyebrows, not sure if he was punning or not but willing to be naughty with him. She turned to the bodyguard sitting between her and the prince.

“Hey, you mind if we change places?” she asked.

The prince leaned forward with a smirk, “He most certainly does not”, he said even as his bodyguard stood and exchanged places with her.

Things were going swimmingly if she did say so herself.


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