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Chandler was an American Professor of Art currently based in London. He talked in depth about various artistic tastes over dinner one night. He was extremely bright, a lover of escorts, interesting, and in his fifties. He didn’t like the thought of sleeping with a woman of his own age, and decided he would rather seek out someone like me; young, bright, and sexy. That was what he’d said.

He came round to my flat and after showering, took me from behind against the wall. His passion was real and he bent me over towards the end so he could be as deep as possible when he came. I could feel his strength engulfing my whole body and that was always a sensation which turned me on.

Afterwards, his eyes alighted on my two watercolour purchases from an auction I had recently attended. Chandler looked at me. “I couldn’t help myself, sorry if I was quite brutal. Can I go down on you? I’d like you to tell me what you like about those paintings.”

I stifled a giggle as I realised he was completely serious. He knelt down as I sat on the sofa facing the paintings. Wow this guy made the usual London guys seem quite tame! He licked my inner thighs and I started to talk about the scenes on my wall. He carefully opened my lips and then placed his tongue firmly over the top of my most sensitive body part, and started to circle it slowly as I concentrated and talked my way through my purchases.

I stopped after a minute or two, as he concentrated on my pleasure. “Damn, Chandler, you are good at this.” I tried to concentrate on the scene again, OMG how many escorts on earth have ever had a man treat them so deliciously. “Well, it has a gentle river flowing through a meadow, it is serene and then the mountains are craggy. They seem so far away…”

That was as far as I could manage as my voice broke. I leant back and let his tongue take me to a juddering orgasm. I wasn’t expecting that. I had come in about three minutes and that was very quick for me.

When he arose I could see his manhood jutting out of his bathrobe. “I found that so horny,” he said, as his eyes glinted. “I made you come so quickly too. I need to be inside you again.” With that, I stood up and sat on the sofa. “take me hard. I want you to tighten around me.” I smiled as he looked at my watercolours and then closed his eyes. “Okay,” I said, “Tell me what you see in my watercolours, will you Chandler?”



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