He deserves to be inside me

I don’t know any escorts in London or anywhere else in the world who doesn’t love fireworks. Beautiful sparks that fly through the sky lighting up the world, there’s nothing more amazing, except having someone to share the experience with. So on new years eve, when Larry and I were tucked away in a comfy blanket in his London apartment, we just had to take things out to the porch to take in all the excitement. He held my busty naked body close to him as I jumped when each ‘bang’ echoed through the skies. And then we got another idea.

There we were enjoying the porch and the fireworks in all our nakedness. The streets were loud and the excitement, me Larry’s escort, was there to keep his company. There was only one thing missing, having him inside me. He hoisted me up and placed me slowly on his erect cock. My insides were soothed as my wet vagina made its way over his manhood. He pushed me down so that I was facing the ground. He loved to see me this way. He said my ass is just absolutely irresistible and when I turn back to look at him, his heart melts when he sees my wanting face. Up and down I went as he stroked me from behind. There was no need to be quiet or to try to be quiet. The fireworks were there to drown out all the screaming and all the moans and even if they didn’t, I didn’t care much because Larry felt so great inside me. A lot of escorts I know in London are discreet. They love sex, but you would never know it until you get them one on one. Usually I’m the same way, pretty good at hiding it, even though I want it all the time. However, with Larry, something comes alive when I see him. Each second that we’re together I just can’t wait for him to be in me and to bend me over and take me from behind just the way he does.

I felt as his orgasm built up and within a matter of minutes he let out a loud groan that seemed to outdo all the ‘bangs’ of the fireworks and I smiled, knowing that my pussy was the one allowing him to get such a great release. He deserves every minute that he gets to spend inside me, because he knows how to treat me just right.

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