A beautiful busty escort and a Sunseeker Yacht

George told me there was going to be a long drive ahead of us so I made sure I was ready for it. We would of course be travelling in style, probably by limo, so I knew it was going to be a very comfortable journey even if it was going to take a few hours. I like to think that I provide the best busty escort service around, and I’m sure that my clients would agree, especially George, who always tends to take me away for days at a time on romantic trips. This time he wouldn’t tell me where we were going but I had an idea, I knew that George loves his boats and that there was a boat show in Southampton on at that time.

I was right, of course, and he had taken me with him so I could help him choose a brand new Sunseeker yacht! I felt very important and it was a great feeling. The boats were magnificent at the show and I couldn’t believe how big some of them were, some were even nicer than my flat or any house I had seen before. Finally we saw the perfect yacht, it was big, shiny and luxurious – perfect. George took out his credit card and paid without batting an eyelid, I couldn’t believe it. Little did I know the best was yet to come. First George said he would take me away for the entire weekend on his new boat, which of course I said yes to, and secondly he told me he was naming it Melissa and getting that painted on the side, I couldn’t believe it, a gorgeous boat named after me! George and I have since had some fantastic times on that boat and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

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