Copenhagen to London

I was standing in my French knickers and half-cup bra, whilst my client was showering. I had met Jason twice before, but he was now living in London. His previous role was based in Copenhagen and I think he was relieved it had come to a close. He was in his fifties and was very fit for his age. I praised his muscles and he smiled. “You are too kind.”

I waited for Jason to come through to the bedroom and he wandered in casually, wearing a towel round his waist, and rubbing at his thick mane of hair. It was salt and pepper in colour, wiry and almost collar-length. He had retired as a Sales Director for a famous food-manufacturing company at the age of fifty-four and was planning to work on contracts up to the age of sixty. He was also a serial womaniser, but recently he’d felt as though he had lost his appetite for chasing women and started enjoying the convenience of escorts.

Jason came over and looked at me with longing. “The thing is I feel slightly guilty about sleeping with you. You are younger than my daughter. She is almost thirty and I should disgust you.”

I took away his towel and carefully wiped his legs, buttocks and then his genitals, in a slow deliberate way. I finished off by drying his legs and then asked him to lie down. I would then dry his feet.

I was careful to use some oil as I massage his toes and the sole of his feel, stopping to slowly rub my tongue over the tip of his toes, and up his ankle. I did not stop and continued up to his knee. Jason was watching me intently, so I leant forward and let my breasts fall from the half-cups so that they trailed on his calves. He carefully took a breast between both feet and squeezed my nipple gently. That was a strange feeling; a sense of the pain of the pressure and relief and pleasure of it being released. He did it again and then used his thumbs, until I almost moaned when he released me. That was a completely new experience!


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