Escorts With Lush Lips

I love the smell of roses. There is something quaint and British about the fragrance; reminiscent of my childhood garden some escorts come to London and to quickly forget where they came from.

I’d been given a gift box by the modelling agency who hired me specifically for my lush lips “to quote there” words. The fragrance of one of the items, a face mask, was Wild Rose. It turned out to be a gift set from the client for the recent weekend shoot in Greece. I had not realised that Korres, who’d made the gift box, was also manufactured in Greece, so I now got the connection.

Katy, another model, and I, looked through the set. There was a lip butter, a tube of after-sun lotion for my face, hand-lotion and a chamomile soap. The face mask was my favourite and it smelled divine. I loved little treats. Okay, it wasn’t as though I’d been given a Gucci watch (as had an escort date client last month), but it was a gift and I appreciated the token.

We’d worked so hard on that shoot; we worked out it was twenty-two hours out of forty-eight we’d been there. I’d enjoyed the sun and the beach frolics as we’d had to pretend we were having a party in saucy metallic-looking underwear.

To be honest, I’ve taken some time to evaluate the contract. I was working the minimum hours per month, but no more. I had five months left to run, but that would be it. Now that I was busy with my regular clients, working on my soft-furnishings business and building a life with Adam, I didn’t have too much time for modelling my lush lips.

In the meantime, I would carry on as usual. Katy and I looked similar. We both had long blonde locks and we needed to pretend we were sisters for this shoot today.

I stood plaiting her blond hair into two pigtails as she wore a lacy body stocking in pink and cream. It was pretty. The back shot of me showed me wearing a similar body stocking, in white lace with lilac roses dotted around the neckline and bottom.

There were two more outfits we needed to try on. The shoot was over in three hours and we changed and talked about the modelling.

“I need the money to fund my third year at university. In fact, I’ve skipped a class this afternoon to be here. It is better than waitressing.”

I thought about Sasha. Adam explained she was short of personal assistants on the Sunday – during the afternoon and evening. This was for the Russian clan who were staying in London for at least a year.

I asked Katy for her number. I knew how hard it was to fund a lifestyle whilst studying, and I’d be happy to help her out.

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