Paris for two sounds interesting

The new London apartment I bought a year ago is now worth 17% more than the purchase price. That was a good investment. Not just for dating escorts NW8 is a decent area many other things and not far from the A41 for getting out of the city too. I won’t sell for at least another five years; it is too good an investment.

Luckily, my tenants are staying on for another year and I am not increasing their rent until year three as per the contract we have in place. I went to see them and it looks as though they will want to start a family in the next year. I’ll give them another two years there, at the most. A one-bedroom apartment, with a tiny study area/dressing room, which would fit a cot, and little else, isn’t really suitable for them.

As for my love-life, I have not heard from Josh, but I have decided that he might be too stuck in his ways for me. He likes his life living with two other men, going to the pub with his friends, being the male version of a lady of the evening, and I don’t think he is exciting enough for me.

I rang Vlad and thanked him for taking my mother and me out to dinner. She liked him and I could feel his smile. “What else did she say?” he asked. I hesitated, and giggled. “Well, I think you have a fan there,” I teased back.

He knew we had talked about him, but I left it like that, until he asked if I was free on Friday the following week. He needed to go to Paris for the day, and wondered if I would like to go. “I’ll be in a meeting from ten until four, but we could eat and get the last flight back, or even stay over, and catch a lunchtime flight back to London. I don’t know what your diary commitments are.”

I went off to check. This was something different. Was this just a business arrangement or personal too?

I needed to be back for six on the Saturday, and I could shift the arrangement on Friday to Sunday. It would work.

When I explained I could accompany him, Vlad sounded pleased. He’d get Katya to organise the flight tickets and hotel for the evening. I thanked him and left it at that, but had no idea who Katya was.

Paris would be exciting at this time of year!


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