Busty deviant escorts who like to please

As with lots of the escorts in London breaking in a client has just always been my dream job. I had so many things that I would do and how I would get the chance to train and mold me a new submissive. I enjoy having a man grovel at my feet, waiting and hoping that I will just give him sweet relief.  I love the control and I know that they love being controlled as well. I’m one of those busty deviant escorts who like to please too; I’m not a not a power mad dominatrix in the least. When I go in to please, I want to know that I leave that man, or woman, satisfied to the point that they will be begging for me to come back again.

I am a very attentive escort when I want to please but I am very hardcore when it is time for my little submissive to be dominated. I just jump at the chance to take on the role any chance that may arise. I think it has something to do with the whips and chains, and the look in my little pets’ eyes as they lick at my sweet spot expectantly, hoping that they are pleasing me the way that that I want to be pleased. It is funny when I think about it, considering that I go in to ensure that I leave them feeling satisfied.

Henry was the newbie that I was waiting for all this time. As soon as I entered the London hotel room, I could tell that he was as nervous as ever. I figured it was either because it was his first time or because his wife would kill him if she knew what naughtiness he was really up to on his business trip. Either way, I had to get him calm so I started to soothingly coax him into relaxing and gave him the chance to rid me of my clothing, exposing my soft skin and very busty firm breasts. Since this was his first time with an escort in London, I took control, laying him on the bed and climbing on top of him. As soon as I began doing what I did best, I could see that he was at the heights of ecstasy, which was of course expected. Within minutes I could feel, and see, that he was about to explode. I would have none of it. I wanted him to get as much out of it as possible. I gave him more and more, until finally, we both experienced the best release ever and boy did he enjoy it!

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