He opened my legs slightly

Adam was a guy I had spent the night with with before. He was the Omega and Armani-wearing agency client; devastatingly handsome and secretive. He was back in London and wanted to meet up. I had no idea what he did for a living, only that he had a huge sexual appetite.

I wore my red thong and bra set, as he’d liked the last burgundy set I’d worn. He also liked Scotch so I made sure a bottle was ready, with ice if he wanted it.

As I lay on the hotel bed, I recalled our last meeting, where he asked me to strip sexily for him. He was hot, a man who really appreciated escorts, I took pleasure in seeing that handsome face glaze over as he came.

I was starting to feel horny as I remembered his expensive cologne; the fact he liked to keep himself tidy down there. He also knew how to turn me on too. I felt my hand steal under my skirt and I started to rub myself through the thong.

After a few minutes, I realised if I carried on, I would soon come. I was already feeling wet. I took my thong off whilst I went to the bathroom. I head a knock on the door and hurried out, without realising the thong was still on the bed.

Adam smiled at me and I welcomed him in with a glass of scotch. He looked at the thong and I blushed. I had to say something. “You were late, so I started without you.”

Adam started to undress without a word. “Lift your skirt so I can see you.”

I did as I was asked. Adam was soon naked and he was already erect.

“You’ve been naughty call girl. Come over her and lie over my knee.”

Again, I did what I was told. When I said I was sorry for being a naughty girl, Adam’s cock bobbed up. He liked that.

I bent over and lay on his bare legs, feeling his erection catching my belly, as he held me in position and started to spank me. I could feel my bottom starting to rise in anticipation of his hand. It wasn’t too hard, but then he opened my legs slightly and I knew he could see everything. His hand caught against me sending shockwaves of pleasure. I could feel my nipples harden and then he stopped, helped me up and sat me on top of him, driving inside quickly and expertly.

“I’m glad you are ready for this,” he whispered, as he started to move inside me.


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