I’m a London girl and one of those escorts who must win

The quietness of the library is something that needs to be respected and all London folk including us escorts always obey this rule. When Oscar and I are at his beautiful apartment we always head to the library that’s tucked away neatly behind his bedroom for some silence. I usually play the naughty librarian, glasses resting elegantly on my nose, pencil skirt curved around my plump ass and a shirt unbuttoned far enough for him to get a peek. The aim of the game is to see who can break the silence first.

So in his home library we’ll sit, seducing each other with our bodies. He’d touch me and I’d return the favour, delicately at first and then more aggressive. If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I never like to lose. I’m a true London girl and one of those escorts who must win at every game she plays, including the naughty librarian. I can’t say that I always play fair, because I’ve never really given Oscar the chance to win. Before he can even start to think about just what he wants to do to me, I’m doing all the things to him that I know will have each and every person walking outside of his London apartment hearing him. His shrieks turn me on more than he’s even aware of. He does indeed always pay me back for winning. But the payback is the kind that I like, the kind that I expect from him. At this point, it doesn’t matter how loud I get because I had already won the game, just like I always do. Perhaps next time I’ll play fair and give him a chance. It’s just that I really love winning and I really love seeing him lose in such a pleasure full way. And I’m sure if he’s okay losing at anything, it’s losing at the naughty librarian game.

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