The busty cleaner is quick on her feet

Anastasia is my new cleaner. My old cleaner, Nika, has left and moved away from London. Perhaps it was the pressure of me finding her naked and up to no good in my bedroom wearing my lingerie that I reserve for escort dates! I wished her well and quickly started to look for another cleaner. It was a necessity in my job!

Anastasia was a full-bosomed girl from Romania a pretty blonde, with a snub nose and green eyes. She was about my age, but after interviewing her, and with a reference from Vlad, I took her on board to clean for me twice a week. I am a clean and tidy person, but I’m a real stickler for the bathroom being completely clean. I also like fresh flowers being placed on the dining table, and the windows and floors being completely free of dust, which is easy to harbour in the nooks and crannies of my apartment.

Outside, I could hear delivery vans driving by and the world starting out for the day. It was only 7am, but I’m working on my furnishings and need to be out by 3pm this afternoon for a meeting with a client at the airport until late.

Anastasia arrived promptly at 7.30am for her two hour stint. She looked at my handiwork and she loved the curtains in hues of blue and green, on a white background. Like me she was a top heavy busty woman however she was very light and nimble on her feet. She cleaned the inside windows working quickly and efficiently, humming to the radio station I was listening to. Then she consulted her checklist, ticked off her box, and moved into the bedroom and bathroom area. I could hear her cleaning the glass of the shower and a few minutes later, I suddenly I heard her gasp aloud. I put down my sewing and ran in.

I stopped and laughed when I noticed why she had gasped. Anastasia’s cheeks had reddened and she smiled at me very coyly. She had seen my array of whips and naughty underwear on hangers in one of my wardrobes. She was only putting away my dressing gown and I took it from her and showed her that it actually hung behind the bathroom door, on the hook placed there for that very reason.

I do need to padlock that wardrobe. I usually do. Now she would picture me very differently in the future.



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