I closed my eyes and let him

I watched Aidan undressing. I was playing it cool, but he was a male model with a real zest for escorts in London. I’d met him through another escort Joanna. Apparently he was into blondes, and with her auburn hair, she wouldn’t even get away with it.

He took off his shirt and smiled at me. I smiled back whilst thinking I was probably one of the luckiest escorts in West London right now. Aidan was taking time out and I asked him about his plans. He shrugged casually. “I live in Ibiza and only come back to London twice a year to do a few assignments in the spring.”

Guessed he was around twenty-six and near my own age. He was blonde and a natural too as I watched him taking off his boxer shorts. I wanted to gaps as I looked at his body, but just about restrained myself. He was lush; fit and muscular, without looking like he could win a boxing contest.

I wanted to go to him, but was waiting for his call. He smiled. “Are you nervous?” I shook my head, but then confessed. “I don’t usually get gorgeous and sexy, as well as wealthy. What do you want?”
I was mindful we only had an hour booked. I could have spent a whole afternoon with Aidan, but this was his encounter. “Anything you want, as long as I can come twice and I can penetrate you. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

I felt a sexy shiver when I heard his emphasis of the word, penetrate.

I was down to my bra and knickers and asked Aidan to finish undressing me. He was soon knelt at my groin level, slowly stroking the lace of my panties. I closed my eyes and let him smoothly pull them down. He was smiling as he touched my inner thighs. “I like your thighs. They don’t have a large gap, but there is just enough for me to run my finger down, without touching your other thigh.” I laughed and clamped my thighs shut. That silenced him, but he was quick too. He pulled his hand out and gave my bottom a sharp slap. I guessed he was definitely up for fun and games!


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