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Escorts moving in together

When Sasha from the old London escort agency next rang to ask if I could help out, I questioned the details. I needed to ensure she got the message I didn’t work for her. “I can’t do that anymore. I’m busy myself, and I’m going into flat-share as I’m being asked to leave, ‘evicted’, as it’s more commonly called.”


As soon as she didn’t reply, I knew that she knew. She was the one who had helped me to acquire my apartment in my early escorting days and knew the landlord well. “I’ll still cover you for the bookings for the time we said, but there’s no more of the other work.” I stood my ground.


“Where are you moving to?” she asked, but I didn’t want her to know about Josh. “I’ll move further west as it is more affordable, but that counts out travelling in to Central London and the City. It’s too expensive and I’ll do my own thing.”


So, that was that. I showered and changed into my suit, took my portfolio and headed off to see a potential customer about soft furnishings. When I arrived back, Josh would be here and I needed him to know I was busy with work, so that he didn’t feel the pressure to work too much overtime.


When I returned, we headed out to the pub for tea and so he could watch his football match. Josh’s flatmate had a friend who would be interested in his room, so it looked as though he was in luck too.


The next day, the suave London Lettings Agent met us and explained it would be three weeks before the property would be ready as it was being painted, and a new up-to-date bathroom was being installed the following week.


I loved it. There was more room, even though the lounge was smaller and narrower. Two of the bedrooms were large, and one had large fitted wardrobes. The ceilings were high and the roof terrace was a fantastic feature as it was private. “I have another couple viewing this the day after tomorrow, so what do you want to do?”


We didn’t hesitate. I mentioned I had my accounts with me and the current landlord would provide a reference, as would a client who happened to live in the private house beyond the trees. “I made her curtains, blinds for her lounge, master bedroom and dining room.” I think that swung the deal. Josh had his payslips with him too so we headed off to sign up.


We would be moving in together within a month.