This Felt So Naughty

For the next ten minutes, Claus swayed to the music and asked me various questions about myself and being an escort on the London circuit. It was nothing too personal, but it was his need in order to relax with me. I found myself thinking about my need to be a little bit naughty. He was only going to be in the club for another hour, so I wanted him to enjoy the time he had with me.

I finished my glass of champagne. The scantily-clad male waiter appeared as if by magic and refilled our glasses. I excused myself and headed off to the powder room. This was kitted out with an assortment of sex toys behind glass cabinets, shackles on the walls, and I wondered how many women were left in the shackles, inebriated, after a hen night. A good many I reckoned!

In the cubicle, I took off my knickers, then returned to the sink area, to apply my red lipstick and to check my smoky eye make-up was all intact. I looked hot and knew it. Between my legs was already responding to the thought of what I was planning to do.

I returned to my place and noticed the hen group being shown into the powder room by the male waiter with the cheeky south London accent. He caught my eye for a moment and we smiled at each other. I wondered if the sex toys were under lock and key, as he swung a small silver key in one hand. Would any of them be used? Would he administer these? My mind boggled with questions, probabilities and no answers.

Under other circumstances, I would have been tempted to go and look. Instead, I sipped champagne and watched a bare-breasted woman with pierced nipples ask if we wanted any snacks. We shook our heads, but she caught me looking at her breasts and I flushed in embarrassment. After she’d gone, Clause asked me if I liked to go with women too.

“It’s part of the job for escorts, Claus! Anyway, you stay there, and then you can watch me.” At this remark, a perplexed look came over his face. “I’m not sure what you mean!”

I told him to sit back and hopped onto the glass chair. Before my bottom touched the seat, I pulled up my dress so that he could see my naked bottom. His voice was clear behind me. “Open your legs a little more, baby.”

With that encouragement, and knowing that only he could see my nakedness, I sat forwards so my lips could be seen as well as a large part of my buttocks. This felt so naughty!

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