30 minutes in the erogenous zone

‘Tell me how much you want me,’ Gabe whispered into my ear, his teeth toying with my earlobe.
‘I don’t want you,’ I teased, knowing that he’d heighten the pleasure just that much more.
‘Oh, you naughty naughty Nadia, you really think you can handle me, don’t you?’
I climbed on top of him, placing all my weight on his midsection, ‘I think you’re the one who can’t handle me.’

He let out a low chuckle before wrapping his hand behind my head and pulling me in for a deep kiss. His hand ventured lower, teasing my back with a tickling sensation that worked its way to the most vulnerable parts of me. I loved the way he touched me; the way I felt being touched by him.
I became one of Gabe’s favorite escorts a year ago and one week hasn’t gone by without a 30 minute visit from him. In fact, it’s not very strange for him to request to see me more than once a week for an intense quickie. In this time, he’s managed to learn more about my body than I like to admit. There were parts of me that I didn’t think would react to a man’s touch, but he surely changed my mind. He knew every erogenous zone, every soft spot and every secret hidden between my thighs.

My lover flipped me onto my back and continued to fill me with pleasure. My back arched as he took me and I tilted my hips up to ensure that I didn’t miss a beat. He’d promised me insurmountable satisfaction and I was intent on receiving it. Not that he’s ever disappointed me. Quite the opposite, actually but still, I wanted to make sure that I enjoyed the moment while it lasted.
‘Tell me how much you want me now,’ he grunted.
‘So much,’ I screamed, ‘I want you so much. So very, very much, even more than I want to live the rest of my life in London.’
That was all the reassurance he needed to really give himself to me. Gabe didn’t hold back when it came to pleasing me.
‘You’re the best,’ I moaned.
‘No, you are,’ he replied.
Moments later, all our energy was gone and we celebrated in the fulfilment we’d provided to each other.

Gabe reminds me of why I came to London and how wonderful and generous the men in this city are to their escorts. I definitely can’t wait for our next time together as I’ve got lost of tricks up my sleeve that I’d love to share with him.

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