The satisfaction of his climax

He was a lonely guy. He’d gone through one meaningless relationship after another and was now looking for someone who could bring passion to his life. I’d met him at a London bar, where he spent most of his weekends, sipping on a nice cold beer. I’m an escort who has a thing for casual guys, guys who dress for comfort. Perhaps it’s because I’m somewhat the same. I’m the kind of girl who’ll skip the panties and allow myself some freedom in that region.

Our first night together was one that I will never, in a million years forget. I was sitting at the bar, when beside me, sat every London escorts dream guy. He greeted the bartender with a nod, and in return, was handed a scotch on the rocks. I watched him, trying to be as discreet as possible as he whirled the ice around in his drink. There was just something about him, something that made we say, ‘Hi, I’m Candy.’ Yes, there I was introducing myself to a perfect stranger, without preparing my next line. His eyes shot up and met mine. A wonderful green with speckles of brown. They were beautiful, mesmerizing, and dreamy all combined in one. ‘Campbell,’ he replied, giving me the same nod he had given to the bartender.

‘What do you think about getting out of here and going some place quieter?’ the words slipped off my tongue before I could snatch them back. I’m a professional escort, I know how to talk to guys, but this Campbell, he had me mesmerized. Again, he nodded. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I stood up from the bar stool and made my way to the door, which to my surprise, he was just one step behind me the entire way. After just two minutes of walking,we made it to my car. ‘I’m not much of a talker,’ said this London man, ‘but I’ve got a lot to show.’ He had more than a lot to show. He pounded my pussy in such a fierce but sweet way. I moaned, louder and louder as the pleasurable pain hit just the right spots. I never thought that something so big could fit into something so small, but Campbell ensured that it did, and that it felt damn good when it happened. Each stroke of shiveringly amazing pleasure he sent through me was accompanied by low grunts, until finally, his tone changed and his voice became even lower as he reveled in the satisfaction of his climax.

About the author:
London girl Candy is an escort by night and a blogger by day


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