A Bundle of Adrenaline

It’s been eight months now since I began my career as an escort in London and I might add it’s been a lot of fun.

A memorable encounter which always brings a smile to my face when I recall it was when one of my clients took me out to a bar in Camden Town to watch his band play. I stood in the crowd looking up at him. He cradled his guitar in his arms and began to strum. His fingers plucked the strings and set them quivering with his music. I could feel the same thing happening inside me.

He sang and played with passion. He looked confident and so at ease as the crowd cheered him on. When the set finished the crowd begged for more but his eyes were focused only on me. He waded through the screaming crowd and took my hand. He led me to his car and we drove to his apartment in Bayswater. He was a bundle of adrenaline which was totally infectious.

He lay me down on a shag pile rug in front of the fire and kissed me passionately. I sighed with pleasure “I’m an escort in London who really does enjoy deep kissing”. He strummed his fingers across my stomach as if I had strings, he smiled down at me and told me that I was his favourite instrument, I giggled and prepared to enjoy one of the best nights of my life.

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