The escort straddled him

I woke up and realised where I was. I was staying overnight in a luxurious hotel suite, in the Oxfordshire countryside. It was such a peaceful place, well away from the hustle and bustle of West London.

As an escort London based, I was used to high-net worth clients wanting a sneaky weekend away from their partners, as they played golf with friends. I was allowed to spend several hundred pounds on three or four spa treatments, between the various rounds of golf. I am very discreet when I visit the spa and say nothing if I’m asked whom I am with.

Simon, my client, had given me a timetable of what he would be doing. He did not want me to meet with his friends from London, but to be around overnight, during the afternoon “siesta” and before dinner. That meant I had nine hours of free time to kill during the day, as he played golf, lunched with friends and ate dinner with them too.

So, there I lay, waiting for him to wake up on day two. I had arrived at ten last night, and we’d had sex just the once, with a warning that he always had a morning need. I listened to his breathing and placed my hand under the sheets. Simon was already semi-erect, so I played with him slowly and carefully, until he woke up fully with a grunt and asked me to be a good little escort and continue.

“I like your touch,” he whispered, “but I’d like it even more if it was inside you.”

I roused him until he was ready, put on a condom, and took him slowly, as the light from the sunny, but cold morning, filled the room. He explained he was usually noisy, but was aware that his friend occupied the room next door, so he needed to keep the rocking and writhing down to a minimum.

I took note as I moved on him slowly, letting his hands roam my breasts until he needed to come. A few moments later, I climbed off him, just at the point where we heard a noise coming from his friend’s room. Moaning could be heard through the walls. I put my finger to his lips and listened at the wall and came back away from the wall and straddled him again. “Well, your friend must have scored last night. There is a male and a female next door, doing exactly what we’ve been doing.” A look of shock registered on his face and then he smiled.


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