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Instead, I nodded and smiled. “I went to see her and her new baby. She actually looked maternal, that was a first for a London escort girl.”

Vlad smiled. “Yes, so did I; the day after you apparently. I needed to drop off the keys for the London office she will be leasing. She’s given up the lease on her old place. She only wants a small back office, but I had no idea she was wrapping it up. I think Grigor will keep her busy.”

I shared what I knew and Vlad laughed at her taking a cut from what was an administrative job. “I think her husband realised her concierge services were a bit more than that. He was usually so busy, that I don’t think he had any idea that she was really running escort girls all over London.”

That thought had crossed my mind too. With two children, she needed to rethink her strategy. This seemed not too far away from her previous business, with potentially a lucrative overlap.

I told Vlad I had my own workshop now. I had a cutting table for material with a larger work surface, built-in cupboards for my files and a roof terrace to sit out on when it was sunny.

He looked at my curiously. “Perhaps you feel like settling down with this man then?” For some reason, I could not look Vlad in the eye when I replied. “It is early days, Vlad. I’m not one for commitment. Living with someone is enough or now.”

I needed to go soon, but we spent another ten minutes chatting. He was busy as always, but was working on his work/life balance with a Life Coach. It seemed to be working and he was finding time to go to the gym, relax more with friends and only spend four days at work, albeit long days.

I was actually on my way to the Post office as I needed to send my dad’s birthday present to him. I left Vlad with a kiss on the cheek, and continued back down the road to the junction where the Post Office was located. All the way back I was trying to understand what Sasha was up to and the impact it would have on Josh.

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