2012-12-20 Paulina review submitted by Ramond (3 reviews)
Paulina's top notch she's one of those girls you just cant get enough of. Busty wow she created the word!

2012-11-19 Mila review submitted by PARATROOPER (6 reviews)
i don't understand why she doesn't be a top model. A mindblowing beauty, amazing smell. A clean place. incredible beautiful girl. believe me, pictures are not enough to describe her. she doesn't have a wall clock. Because she doesn't care the time. She is not done until you are done. If she was my gf, i would survive 200 years. A body like sculpture, very charming and does what ever you want. When you touch her, your body shakes. If you don't want to queue, hurry up.

2012-11-19 Mila review submitted by jani (6 reviews)
Miley is the best looking young girl you can ever came around to. She is 100 % as she is on pictures! She was wonderful and very entertaining. Miley speak fluent english which is a gem as most of these Eastern Eu girls can only f..., no conversation at all. Anyhow, i myself did not go for the chat and Miley didn't disapoint in any way!!! She was hot and a superb in action!!!!!!!!! Will see her till I can afford her, as i think she will be in a different league soon. Thanks MILEY BABY