Midnight walks in London are filled with surprises

There was nothing planned when it came to how Shane and I met. I was just the girl who lived two blocks away in a leafy part of London with a secret life in the world of escorts and he was the guy who came home far too late. However, on this very spectacular night, I decided to take my Yorkie, Zena for a walk. She’d been pawing at the door, begging me to go out and though 11:50 at night was far too late, I decided to grant her wish and take her into the open streets and fresh air.

There I was leash in hand when a beautiful man stumbled out of his car almost bumping right into me. ‘I’m terribly sorry,’ he said with the most irresistible voice. I moved my eyes up to meet his eyes and even in the darkness of the night, they shone far too bright. I would have just walked along, but for some strange reason, Zena felt the need to get into a deep barking conversation with this stranger. I could tell what she was doing. I tugged at her leash, trying to pry her away from this beautiful stranger to no avail. And then he said, ‘Would you like to come up for some tea?’ Of course I said yes. With the weather in London being as chilly as it was, how could I resist?

Inside his apartment, he flicked on the lights allowing me to get an even better look at his face. Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe this man. He looked at me, long and hard, before saying, ‘you’re absolutely beautiful’. I wanted to tell him just how beautiful he was and how each stare he sent my way gave me Goosebumps. However, the only word that escaped my mouth was ‘ditto’. He then showed me to the couch before heading to the kitchen to make us some tea. I glanced around his apartment wondering all the while how someone so perfect could be so single. Not too long after, he arrived with two cups of steaming hot tea in his hands and carefully placed them on the coffee table in front of us. As he sat beside me, I could feel the Goosebumps build up again and then he shot me a look, the same look that I give to my clients to let them know I’m really in the mood. From there on, magical things happened in his apartment the, kind of things that every escort loves to do in her spare…

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