An escorts naughtier side

Long dark hair, a masterpiece of a body and a heart as big as the world, long before I entertained the thought of becoming a bisexual escort Nora was definitely the girl of my dreams. She always knew the right things to say and at times, it seemed as though she knew what I was thinking before I said it out loud. When it came to the bedroom, this is perhaps the place that Nora knew me the best. We had met our first year in college and at this point, neither of us had been with another girl. I guess this is what they call the experimental phase. For me, it was just simple attraction. I don’t believe in boundaries. I don’t believe that the world is cut out for women to solely investigate the parts of men. Instead, I believe that we’re meant to explore, to push boundaries and to act on our impulses and this is definitely what happened with my lovely London girl, Nora.

Being roommates, we’d seen each other naked more than a few times and each time, I was more astonished than the first. At some point, she caught me staring and asked if I saw something that I liked. Yes, Nora, even back then, was exceptionally bold. I smiled at her and asked if she had something she wanted to show me. She said, ‘I have something I’d like you to touch.’ From that moment on, we were inseparable. My nights had taken a turn for the better. Rather than succumbing to my exhaustion from hectic days, I would enter into the loving arms of Nora. Cuddles would quickly turn into me tasting her sweet candy as she tasted mine. Her tongue was the longest and firmest thing and the way it felt is simply indescribable. Nora knew exactly what she was doing. She taught me things about my body that I never, knew and I did the same for her in return. This new passion is what led me to become an escort. From knowing Nora, I developed an appetite for sex that just couldn’t be tamed. I wanted to learn more, to feel more and now, each day is filled with everything I want. Nora, of course, likes to join me every once in a while and introduce my clients to an even naughtier side of life.

About the author:
Grace is an avid blogger and a much in demand London beauty who escorts both men and women.


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