Like an escort on her pony

A regular visitor to the escorts agency Lee is a client who is obsessed with receiving massages from. He believes that the way my fingers work, channel sexual energy into all the right areas. It might sound like a strange London thing to begin with, I thought so too.

Of course, a part of the experience involved ridding myself of my clothing, not all the way but just enough to get the mood right. The lights need to be dimmed and the room warm and cozy as to set the mood. I’ll  then straddle his back, like an escort on her pony, with only my thong creating a separation between our bodies. Then he would instruct me to lightly drag my nails from his neck to the lower region of his back, slowly, and steadily. His breathing would change and his body would twitch under my touch. I’d feel him tense and then release. Occasionally, he would repeat the actions, the nail dragging that I was performing on him, on my legs, my silky smooth legs, up and down, over and under, lightly, steadily, and slowly. And I’d feel it. The sexual energy that he described, it would shoot through me just the way he had explained. Thirty minutes into the massage we both gain this power, this sensual, sexual power that meant there were no areas of our bodies that wouldn’t be explored.

Those light dragging of fingernails would soon turn into grabbing and clenching on for dear life as we wrapped ourselves around and into each other, never letting go. Our bodies would both be so sensitive to the touch, every brush, every breath was felt to the deepest of levels and ecstasy was achieved over and over again. It’s almost like a dream, like your body is no longer in London, but somewhere else feeling all these things and passing them on to you.

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