Every London Lothario needs an Escort

I hadn’t been to this tube stop before and I worked out my bearings. I love the grey of the stone buildings around London, escorts and phallic like structures OMG a shrink would have a field day but, I love it. This looked affluent as it was by the Thames and on the edge of the Financial district.

I knew his building was on Essex Street and I was twenty minutes early so decided to check out the postcode using my GPS. I walked past the end of Victoria Embankment Gardens and realised I needed to cross over and cut through a narrow lane. I did so carefully and waited for the pedestrian crossing to give me the green light.

I rang Sebastian. “I’m at Milford lane. I’m I heading in the right direction?”

Sebastian laughed, “You are that close, you are hot. I’ll be there in two minutes. If you need to cross over Temple Place be careful.”

That was a nice thought. Then I realised a gin and tonic would not go amiss.

I waited and could see him walking. I walked towards him and he greeted me like an old friend with a hug and a kiss. I smiled at him and he looked at my attire.

“You suit the casual look, and I’m glad you only wore a little bit of make-up. I envy your boyfriend.”

He was too charmingly comfortable to be with for my liking. We arrived at his place and he stopped and looked at me. “There is a small bar round the corner, Do you want a drink? I’ve fixed a Thai chicken salad for lunch but we don’t have to rush things.”

I knew what he meant and I nodded. I’d get my gin and tonic and I’d make it a double too, yes I know I’m such a greedy escort at times.

We sat down. Sebastian wore trendy trainers, blue jeans, and a pale green polo shirt with “The North Face” on it. It was an outdoors brand. He saw me looking at it.

I go skiing and mountain-climbing a lot. I love the outdoors. I climbed Everest a couple of years ago.” I wanted to sink the gin in one. He was brave and I asked him a few questions. I’d read a book about an ill-fated expedition and he looked surprised that I knew about it.

He looked at my eyes, hair and cleavage as he talked. I realised he was smitten, as only a Lothario would be when he met a new conquest.


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