I Fell in Love With Him

I met Sasha, my ex-Madam who organised many of the London escorts for the rich and famous for a coffee in a West London coffee house. She was about to start her maternity leave, but was nervous about the business whilst she was away. I had to admit that she looked as though she could have the baby at any point now. I really hoped that did not happen.

She sipped her expresso and mused. “I think Josh has other things on his mind. He’s stopping doing the escort work next month, so I need to find another handsome young man to take his place. He’s simply not available enough, and he’s too choosy. I think he’s moving in with his girlfriend soon, so that’d a shame for me, but good for him, I guess.”

She studied me carefully over her cup. I had no choice but to tell her what she had probably known all of the time. “For goodness sake Sasha, I’m going out with him. I’m the one who met him before he’d even met you. I even left Vlad because I fell in love with Josh. Don’t you dare say anything to him either? I don’t work for you anymore and that’s why I can’t work for you anymore. I will help out with bookings for a month, if you really need me, but try to find someone else please?”

Sasha’s cheeks reddened and she smiled a huge, wide smile. “I didn’t know. I really didn’t. I’m glad Josh is leaving the London escort life then. More importantly, I think you are both really suited to each other. I didn’t see that coming.”

Her shock was palpable as she took this in. She really did not know. I added, “You can’t be breaching your own confidentiality clauses in your contracts, so none of this gets back, or else we’ll sue you.”

I took a hard line and my face showed it. Sasha was quick to calm me down. “No, please don’t say that. I’ll obviously be discrete. Josh has never mentioned you, and he never knew you worked for me. The last thing I need is to be exposed either, so it will be kept a secret.” I knew she was worried so I changed the subject and asked about the baby. The subject would be buried between us. It had to be!

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