London Escorts Make Great Wedding Dates

Lan ground his teeth as he consulted his watch.


It wasn’t like he hadn’t told the snooty madam who answered the bloody escort agency’s phone, that it was important.

An emergency by all means.

And that he needed someone immediately and fast… no.

He drew a breath, looking up into the blue sky.

Such perfect weather for a wedding.

Such perfect presuppositions for a wonderful party.

Such a perfect day to see his best friend marrying the girl he had dated first. Because he had met her first at that funky club in west London and he was the one to introduce them and sod it…

Lan closed his eyes for some seconds. Rubbing the back of his nose and trying to calm down again. It wasn’t as if he was jealous or his pride was injured or that he wasn’t happy for them.

It just still felt a bit strange to see them like this and even if he’s had some time to prepare himself for this day, he still wasn’t sure what he was supposed to think.

But right now, it didn’t matter.

All he wanted on this perfect day was a perfect date so that Earl and Binky could take their perfect life and shove it up their perfect-.

“Excuse me; are you Lan by any chance?”

Lan whirled around to behold the petite young woman with such a clear complexion that it made the brown of her hair and the grey of her eyes pop like they were in Technicolor. Lan took a breath before nodding his head on the exhale.

“Yes, I am Lan. And you are…?”

“Arina. I’m from the Babes of London escorts agency.” She held out her delicate hand to be shook and Lan hesitated before taking it in his. Her hand had a bird like quality to it. He felt he could crush her with one careless squeeze.

“You look nice”, he said scanning her gold and brown dress approvingly.

“Thank you. Shall we go?”

“Yes. This way.”

Lan almost skipped as he led her through the arch and seated her before taking a seat himself. She was easily the most good looking person for miles. For sure nobody would think he was pining. Not with all of this on his arm.

He cast another glance at Arina.

“You look very nice”, he said.

She turned and smiled at him, teeth dazzling in the sunlight, “Why thank you sir. You don’t look bad yourself.”

Lan couldn’t stop the grin that lit his face up.

“Can I book you for my trip to Paris next month?” he asked impulsively.

Arina just smiled demurely back, “of course”, she said.


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