Naked On The Bed

Callum was looking good in designer jeans and plain blue shirt. His heart-shaped face was clean-shaven, and his long dark hair tied back into a pony tail looked shiny, with a just-washed look about it.

He welcomed me with a hug and asked me how I was. I’d met him a few times a year earlier, but he’d been working in the Middle East. “It’s been a dry stretch for me. You are not able do anything which could possibly offend anyone out there,” he laughed with a twinkle in his eye. Then he added, “You look good; a little more rounded than before, but it suits you” and your still one of the hottest escorts in London

I looked at Callum in horror. “I’ve been the same weight for three years. I probably haven’t been working as hard in the gym, that’s all.” I ran my hands down my stomach and felt how flat it was. Perhaps he’d forgotten how large my breasts were; that’s what he meant!

We finished our drinks in the wine bar and wound our way back to my new flat. I’d only moved in a few days ago. This was my first client here and I was looking forward to seeing how it would progress.

The spare bedroom had a double bed and it was more compact than our main bedroom. I undressed and watched Callum undress. Soon we were lying down naked on the bed, with only a small nightlight illuminating our skin. Callum pulled me to him and I could feel the coarse hair of his chest against my soft skin. I like that type of manliness. We kissed each other until I could feel real passion in the kiss. Callum rolled me onto my back. “I like to look down on you, but put your legs up against me.”

His erection felt full in my hand as I massaged him slowly, but he laughed and pushed my hand away. “I’m needy of a long, slow screw from the of the most beautiful escorts London has living within its city walls. You’ll just quicken it up.”

As he entered me, I could feel him opening me up so slowly that I was surprised when I realised he was so far in. Slowly, he circled and started to create momentum. I pulled at the hairband to release his long, almost-black hair and that gave him an almost girlish, ambiguous look. I liked that he could almost pass as a female like this; it appealed to my bisexuality.

I pulled his mouth down onto mine and worked with Callum. I just hope the neighbours did not hear our cries as we hit a crescendo.


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