Substitute Partner for Public Events

Sebastian laughed, but asked me to hold, as a male voice asked him something. “That was Matt – popping his head into my office. I need to go in a minute escorts London professionals are offended by a client in a rush. I don’t regret what happened between us and that wasn’t what I meant, but I appreciate your straight-talking and openness. I’ve thought about it a lot, but you are nicer than I thought you’d be, as a person, and I felt I’d pushed you into meeting me. I have a regular need for an escort, and mostly, not for what I very-much needed last week. Okay?”

I muttered a brief ‘okay’ and let him continue. “Say, from six until eleven if you can book that down, plus your travel time to Soho by taxi. I do need to go, so can I call to firm things up in a couple of days?”

Well, he was being reasonable. “Okay, but let me know how I should dress, so I can see what I have in my wardrobe. I’ll just make a few notes.”

Sebastian hesitated, “Well, we wear blue, which is a bit boring, but we vary the colours with ties and shirts. Something covered up, around knee-length – hair tied back or up, rather than down. Apart from that it is up to you – just no garish colours, the plainer the better. I’ll introduce you as my partner, but we’ve not been together long, will that be okay? It is just a front for the London customers, and I’ll explain why when we meet.”

We said our goodbyes and I knew exactly what I would wear. I had a dark blue, but not navy, beaded waist dress, I’d passed it on a clearance rail at the House of Fraser, and it wasn’t cheap-looking at all and definitely not something escorts would be seen in on London dates. Once on, it was a perfect fit. With a ruched front and back, it skimmed my knee and I had a pair of three-inch ‘sensible’ heels to wear with it. I’d look the part, not to fussy, but smart. This would be interesting.

Why would he put on a front? What was going on in his life that he didn’t have a partner? Was he seeing someone who he shouldn’t be seeing? Was Sasha something to do with this still? I was sure I would find out the answer on Thursday next week. For now, I put my notes away, and ran a bath. I had another client to meet tonight and I needed to be in tip-top condition.

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