Escorts and the property market

I wore light make-up, jeans and a cord jacket escorts London ladies always dress correctly, as I met my mum at the train station. This was the last week of her course and she had to do a presentation. Of course, she had never done this before and was nervous. I was the dutiful daughter and offered to listen to her, until she’d perfected this. As she practiced in front of me, I curled up on the sofa, trying not to think about the letter which I’d opened two hours earlier.

I had to find somewhere else to rent. Within three months.

My own rented-out flat was occupied for another eight months, so I couldn’t turf out the tenants, but that left me five months where I would have to pay a lot more than the reduced rent on this flat. I’d contacted the Russian landlord, but his phone had been deactivated. I did wonder if my ex, Vlad, had something to do with this, but I didn’t place him in the ‘vindictive-type’ category.

Another option would be to ask Josh if he would want to flat-share. That meant we would be moving in together, and that also meant, I would only be able to invite clients round on a couple of days per week. Two escorts London based could get complicates and he might not want to take the plunge yet, but I knew for a fact that it would cost me at least another six hundred per month if I wanted to rent out something similar close-by.

“Are you listening to me?” My mum wasn’t happy with my blank look. I asked her to start from the beginning again, to speak up and to slow down. “You do not have to deliver this at break-neck speed!”

So, after an hour of my mum talking, we decided to hit a local restaurant. The bistro nearby had an early evening menu which stopped serving at six-thirty. I looked at my watch – ten-to-six.

We managed to get the last table and ordered a mezes starter, followed by a chicken in Parma ham with diced, roasted potatoes and a simple green salad between us. A sorbet finished the meal. I like to buy a bottle of wine, rather than just the small glass you get with the meal, and an extra coffee to finish.

My mum looked happier. “So, you mentioned the flat. What are you going to do do you want to stay in London?”

I wiped my mouth with my napkin. “I’m not sure yet. I’ll ask around in my network, but the only person I really want to share with, is Josh.”

I could see the immediate interest in her eyes. For now, I wasn’t saying anything more than that.

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