He loved my ass

As Jonny was a rock singer, famous, rugged and wealthy. At our previous and first meeting, I’d expressed surprise he was with me, when he had a choice of young, hot groupies but then my large breasts probably had something to do with him choosing me!


Jonny’s response was classic. “They have no idea how to please a man properly, and once over and done with, they think they’ll get married to you that’s, why I when I’m in London I prefer to party with escorts” I laughed as that was a scenario I could have imagined ten years ago, with my huge crush on Brandon Flowers from “The Killers”.


Jonny was hitting middle-age and explained he liked to take his time. I pleasured his manhood with my mouth as he played with my wavy hair. “You are one sexy lady,” Jonny whispered as he started to move in slow circles to match my rhythm. After enjoying my exceptionally good oral skills he wanted to smack my bare bottom; he just loved the shape of my ass and it would turn him on more.


I loved pushing my bottom in the air so he could see my pink lips, which he proceeded to rub slowly, with an up and down motion. He deftly pushed a finger inside me and rubbed my little raised spot until I trembled and bucked away against his hand.


Jonny laughed as he grabbed a whisky. “My dear, you are gushing,” he smiled, as he drained his drink, pulled on a condom, slapped my bottom again and started his sexy movements inside.


Jonny stopped after a few minutes. “Girl, you are the sweetest escort ever and I’m taking my time. This is too good to rush.” He poured another whisky, mixed with a little water, and then started again. This time, my orgasm was very intense. I pushed my head into the pillow and cried out as he drove in faster.


However, Jonny still wasn’t finished with me when he downed another whisky. About twenty minutes later, I received my third orgasm, which pushed him over the edge. He cried out and fell to one side and suddenly started to snore. Well, my time was up as I ruffled his hair fondly. I kissed him on the cheek, dressed and hurried out, feeling relaxed and happy.


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