Overnight Escorts

I headed upstairs as Milo was occupied with a beer and his games. The night was still relatively young. I would go to bed at twelve, but would expect Milo to do so too. I checked the spare bedroom was ready for him and came back downstairs with a book, living in London escorts like to read to come down from our hectic lifestlye.

“Let me know if you need anything,” I said, just as Milo cheered as he hit some new level on his game. “I probably will need something later; I’m just not sure what.”

That was a cryptic answer, to which I could proffer no response. I was expecting a young, hot, male body between the sheets tonight, but this was more like a baby-sitting experience.

I read my book quietly for the next hour or so. The only time I rose was to make myself a coffee and to pass Milo a bottle of beer.

Soon, the atmosphere started to change. I could sense Milo was on the prowl. He put down his iPad and stretched. “I think I’ll head up to bed. Don’t rush upstairs. Can you tell me where I’m going to sleep tonight please?”

He was being polite, and I explained the two options. “Feel free to have a shower, or bath, if you want to before getting into bed.”

I could feel the anticipation in the air, he was staying overnight at a swanky London apartment with a hot escort and all he had done was play video games! This was an unusual experience for me. Would Vlad find it funny if he found out Milo had taken the spare room? He would find it hilarious! I waited for ten minutes and walked half-way upstairs. I could hear the shower running in the main bathroom, so he wasn’t using my en-suite. I popped back downstairs quietly, hoping the stairs would not creak and give the game away. I’d wait another ten minutes and would head up to bed myself.

As I sat down, I noticed there was a ten pence piece in the dish. I played a game.

Heads for the spare bed, tails for my bed.


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