Rainy days have benefits

Many people are bothered by the abundance of rain that London sees, however, I’m not that type of escort. In fact, I embrace the rain whole heartedly and wish for it on many occasions. There’s just something romantic about being able to look out the window as the skies darken in many different shades of grey and enjoy what mother-nature has in store. Of course, there’s no doing this alone, because rainy days alone can be exceptionally boring. Instead, you need a friend, a partner or a companion to share these days with you. For me, my number one pick is always Lewis. I’m not sure if he loves the rain as much as I do, but there’s no second guessing whether or not he loves being around me. I’m guessing if nothing else, this has heightened his appreciation for the rain. He’s even made up a new saying which he’s happy to display each time I phone him, ‘when the rain falls, Sylvia calls’.

On these brilliant rainy days in London, Lewis usually goes through my wine selection, picking out something decadent to enjoy with my body. We sip on wine over a good movie, a classic usually, giggling away as the wine contributes to the ambiance in a very positive way. Not long after the movie starts, we completely tone it out, engaged more in the wonderful and intimate conversations that always manage to work their way in. Wine has a way of making people a bit touchier than they usually are but especially on these rainy days, it’s important to snuggle up, with a strong hand caressing your body and this is something that Lewis never falls short on. Right on my couch, we’ll get to action, making each other happy in ways that only the best romance novels know how to explain.

If Lewis is being an extra nice boy, I often even introduce some of my specialist escort techniques that only my clients get to take advantage of. These techniques are what makes Lewis wish it would rain for days. And of course, being England, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence and when it does happen, let’s just say that Lewis and I both leave a little more toned from all the sensual exercises we took part in with each other. So who can blame me for loving the rain when I’ve got the perfect excuse to stay inside?

About the author:
One of few truly bilingual escorts at her London dating agency Sylvia always tries to write at least one blog every month to keep her fans happy.   

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