Time for a lunch time quickie

I love the English summer but it was now nearing the end. I’d just had a busy Bank Holiday and was taking a day off from escorting to recover. Firstly I had my hair trimmed. I liked the long bob-style, but it needed a trim every six weeks to keep it in place. Then I headed off to Dover Street Market in west London to browse around and then onto a café to read my magazine and people-watch. That’s the best part of wearing a hat and a pair of sunglasses; no-one would recognise me here.

I sat back and watched as a familiar face swung into view. I adjusted my glasses and noticed Paul. Paul was a film director and we had hooked up twice previously. I had assumed that he now had a girlfriend. I recalled that he had been too busy to even think about a girlfriend when we’d last met in May. It was now August. I watched him and finished my coffee. Not only was he only a five-minute taxi ride away from mine, he was hot in bed. I decided to try to bump into him.

I watched him go into a shop and decided to go in after him. I was looking at some sweaters stacked up on a shelf, when I heard him say Emily one on my assumed names from the agency.

“Emily, hi there!” Paul’s voice repeated. I turned and feigned surprise. We hugged and he asked how I was and I asked about his film projects. He was now directing another film, but had been back to Africa for a month to fundraise for a charity. I saw him look at my cleavage pointedly. He asked me if I lived nearby. “For you, it is a five-minute taxi ride away, but I only have until three pm.”

With that reply, he grabbed my hand and hailed a taxi. The five minute journey consisted of Paul stroking my thigh in a very obvious way until I had to ask him to stop. I had already noticed his erection! Within seconds of entering my flat, he was kissing me passionately, on my neck, lips and breasts. He could hardly wait to enter me. I slowed it right down though. “My neighbour can see in from here, so let’s be a little more discreet.” Then I closed the curtains.


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