Sensual Reciprocation

Why have I never heard of the saying, “a zipless shag”? My blank look made Jonathan laugh. As his smile faded, he shared the story and I sipped my wine. “There are variations of the story, but the one I heard about concerned a train journey. The passenger; a woman who had lost her husband was grieving and the man opposite her found her attractive, but knew that she was grieving from her attire. As the journey progressed, so did the sexual tension between them.” Jonathan lowered his voice in the bar and continued to whisper the rest of the story in my ear. “The thing is,” he continued, “the zipless shag is absolutely pure. It is free of ulterior motives; they left the train still as strangers, with no names being shared.”

I was fascinated by this notion, so started asking questions. “Were there no other people around? How did it happen?” My look was wide-eyed. I thought for a moment. “With all the CCTV around these days, you can only really shag at home or in a hotel room. Public decency charges terrify me!”

Jonathan smiled and sipped his beer. The bar was busy, but our alcove was private. The people sat at the nearest table had left and a youngish group of four men were sat down chatting and laughing. I leaned into Jonathan and asked him how it happened; being very aware that a hand was touching the elastic of my panties and threatened to dip inside. . “He sat beside her, put his hand up her dress and massaged her until she came. No clothes were taken off and she reciprocated with her hand on his manhood. I guess it took her mind off her grief for a few minutes. They apparently came at the same time and she got off a few minutes later at her stop. It was years ago, in one of those old-style carriages, with a corridor and separate doors.”

I was feeling horny, but thought about the woman. She may not have had sex for a while. It was a chance encounter. I hoped she didn’t regret it afterwards. Then I remembered it was a story, not a real situation, and my mind turned to the fact Jonathan’s finger was firmly in place and was rubbing me carefully. Pity I could not reciprocate in such a public place.

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