So juicy, and so yummy

I was in the shower, enjoying the nice, steamy, hot water pouring down on me. I was too distracted by how great it felt to be away from the hustle and bustle of being an escort in London and inside my warm shower, to realize that the door had been pushed open.

My heart skipped a beat and my eyes snapped open when I felt his cock push against me in the shower. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked. ‘I’ve brought something to help get you clean. He was referring to his cock and the way that he planned on rubbing it over my entire body.

There was no way that I was going to reject his offer. Just the sight of that thing alone, would have a lot of London girls, escorts and innocent ones alike, jumping to his every command. Almost like a magnet, my mouth was attracted to his cock. It just looked so juicy, and so yummy that I had to get a taste. I had to have it in my mouth, swirling it around and sucking it all in.  I wrapped my lips around this beautiful cock that was staring me boldly in the face and I felt as my lover’s knees weakened as he felt the pleasure that my mouth was bringing to him. He grunted, ‘You’re absolutely amazing, you know that right?’ I would have answered, but my mouth was filled with the most decadent of treats and there was no time to take it out to answer such a silly question that he already knew the answer to. The fact that he can’t go a week without my company was enough for me to know just how great he thought I was. The way he grunted, and moaned, the way he couldn’t keep his hands off me, gave me even more proof of this fact. ‘I want to fuck you slut, I want to hear you moan,’ he begged. But he tasted so great, and I couldn’t get enough, so I refused to pull myself away from him. I sucked and sucked, running my fingers over my clitoris as I became overwhelmed with horniness. Seeing this made him even more excited, a little bit too excited because then, I felt a warm sensation make its way down the back of my throat, followed by the weakening of his knees once again. However, he wasn’t satisfied completely satisfied until he got a taste of my pussy.

About the author:
A resident of Notting Hill Gate London escorts like Tara are not easy to find, an expert courtesan and a very dedicated writer.

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