Busted to close to home

I struggle with the name Matthew as it was the name of my first-ever boyfriend and it is my Father’s name too. I was creating some cushions for Matthew’s wife, Amelia, and had delivered them to her flat, to find that she had nipped out.

I was disappointed but Matthew seemed pleasant enough. I knew he fancied me and I could tell that. However, he asked me to sit down and made me a coffee. “Amelia will only be another ten minutes. She’s gone to the bakery.”

I was happy that she was not too far away as Matthew did look at my cleavage several times. I chatted with him and Matthew asked how long I had been working for myself. I could feel myself blush, but I kept myself together and explained that I had studied needlework and had been doing this type of work for about two years.

I wondered if he knew about my other line of work in London. I keep everything secret, but he may have seen me in a restaurant with someone, or someone slipping out of my apartment. I dare not say any more than I had already.

Then he came out with it. “I know Sasha the girl who manages the escorts, by the way. She is my sister, so I know a little about you too. You skyped her after the baby was born and I was in the background. I won’t say anything to anyone. I just thought a stunning girl like you, well, you could do anything you wanted.”

It was my turn to hesitate. “I hardly do the job anymore. The work from Sasha is mainly companionship services now.” I had to say something. “I was merely funding my business, and I managed the business for her, so now she’s back, I’m going to concentrate on this.”

Matthew heard the key in the door and quickly said. “Let me come to you, just the once, but don’t let Sasha or Amelia know. I have your number.”

I shook my head quietly and rose to greet Amelia. She looked at my cushions and was so pleased she gave me a hug. I turned before I left and noticed Matthew was staring at my bottom.

I’m leaving Sasha. I’ve decided that now. I’ll keep my own clientele, but will lose the majority of the Russian and new, first-time customers. I’m happy with that decision. At least, I’ll be in control of my diary now.


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