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Age is just a number. Sure I may be young, but I’m not any less experienced or appetizing as those older escorts at Babes and the other London outfits. At 21, I feel like I’ve just hit my prime. I feel like I’ve got all this power in me, that just needs to be released. I just need to let it all out and, the perfect candidate, is one who is somewhere in London wanting just what I want, a night filled with passion.

Jonas for example, is one of these guys. He came to me one night feeling overwhelmed with a desire for sex, and looking for someone to fulfill it. Typical wasn’t what he was looking for. He was looking for an extraordinary girl in London, he was looking for different, the freakiest escorts, ground breaking sex, and he’d come to just the right place. He’d come to Tricia.

I had this same feeling, the one he exuded as he walked into the room. There was no time to waste, and I promise you, we didn’t waste any time. We got right to action. Like a magnet we immediately drew to each other. Being young means that I have all the energy that an escort needs to give her client an experience that tops all other experiences and Jonas was the recipient of this. He looked shocked when he realized that I wasn’t as delicate and as innocent as I look. He was intrigued by me, by both my actions and my beauty. I gave him an experience that has him coming back whenever his appetite needs satisfying because he knows that there is no one who can give him an experience as ground breaking as I continue to. And as 22 slowly creeps up on me, you can bet that my appetite is getting more and more intense and needs to be satisfied.

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