Cool London dudes choose escorts over Xbox

Some girls aren’t very fond of video games. I’ve got to admit that I might be one of those girls. It’s not that I have a problem with men playing video games OMG so many London guys I know are Xbox and Play Station addicts. In fact, I do actually find a certain appeal to it. But when it comes to me fondling around with a controller- that’s just not going to happen. I’ve always got a million and one better things that I can do than play video games. And when my man’s stuck to the television, I know how to pull him away and get his eyes fixed on me. You see, there’s something that they call the lady of the evenings charm and though I’m not his escort, I do love to work my charm on him. So, on those odd days when I return home to see that he’s a little bit preoccupied, I just head to my bedroom and get into something a lot more appealing than the characters on his screen. At this point, it just takes one little whisper into his ears for him to focus his gaze on me.
I remember the last time this happened. I’d encouraged him to keep on playing while I worked my magic. This took a bit of convincing because he wanted nothing more than to drown me in his embrace. But I wanted to see if he could get through one round with me putting my skills on display. Eventually, he agreed and I took the honor of undressing him in the most seductive way possible. Every once in a while, he’d reach down and try to get a feel of the goodies he loves so much. I whisked his hand away and took back control.
‘You’re not allowed to touch, remember? You’re playing a video game and well, I’m playing another kind of game.’
He laughed heartily at this statement. ‘Point taken, my beautiful Luiza,’ he whispered, trying hard to get a decent grip on his controller while I gripped a very enjoyable part of his body.
I looked up to see that his eyes were closed. He lost all control and paying attention to his video game was no longer possible.
‘I’ll stop whatever I’m doing if you don’t get back to that game,’ I warned.
‘But honey,’ he pleaded.
‘Don’t honey me. I’m the one setting the rules here.’
‘You know, you’re the most commanding girl I’ve ever met in all of London.’
I smiled and continued to blow his mind!

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