A Conversation about BDSM

Janet unintentionally slammed the door as she entered the apartment she shared with her roommate Crystal. After all this time, she still wasn’t entirely sure if Crystal was her real name or her special name after all how many escorts in London did not have an alias for work. She figured she could ask but she didn’t want to assume that just because they lived together they were entitled to know everything about each other.

“Bad day at work?” Crystal met her at the door of the living room, a glass of mead in hand.

“Definitely not my best day”, Janet replied, taking the drink and downing it almost in one go.

“Do you want to tell me about it?” Crystal asked.

Janet took a seat on the couch with a sigh as Crystal brought her a second glass of mead.

“Why not?” she said with a small smile, “Nothing else on the telly right?”

“Exactly. So? What happened?”

Janet took a sip of her drink and paused, considering Crystal, “You ever gone the Dom/Sub route with your clients?” she asked.

Crystal shrugged, “Once or twice.” She said.

“Wot? Really? You never said.”

“You never asked.”


“So you were telling me what happened to you today.”

“I had a client today whose profile just says he likes strong women escorts with a London accent. One willing to take the lead yeah? So I go in there, expecting like a mummy’s boy who maybe wants me to cook for him, you know, like wait on him like I’m his mummy innit?”

“Uh huh. And?” Crystal leaned forward, chin resting on her hand, eyes bright with interest.

“He’s waiting in his underwear, catwoman outfit all spread out on the sofa, waiting for me.”

Crystal huffed a laugh, “uh huh”, she said.

“He says to me”, Janet paused, arranging her face to look uncertain dropping her voice to a deeper register, “Will you wear this for me?’’

“And all the while he was looking anywhere but at me. I’m feelin’ like, fuck what? But I smile and say of course.”

“Did it fit?”

“Like a glove.”

“And then what? Did he have you whip him or somefing?”

“I ordered him about for a bit you know to humiliate him; they like that sort of thing. Then he asked me to whip his balls,” she paused, face expectant for Crystal’s reaction.

“And he enjoyed it?”

Janet giggled and shrugged, “Well his pecker was standing to attention.”

Crystal’s eyes shone, “And then?”

“Then I ordered him to come and he was blowing his load all over the place.”

“Crazy story.” Crystal said.

“Right?” Janet agreed sipping her mead.


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