London Escorts with Great Boobs

I was really blessed in the chest department and I never tire of men looking at my big boobs. My work as one of the London escorts for the agency Babes of London is something that I really love. Not only do my dates have the opportunity to touch and play with the finest boobs in London, if not the world, but I get to experience some of the nicest hotels and restaurants on a regular basis. Every now and then I even have the chance to go overseas, and this is what I’m really excited to tell you all about.

As I pulled on my silk onesie and waited for the receptionist to call me, I really had no idea where I would be spending the next 24 hours. But I knew that if Jack had anything to do with it, there would be lots of one on one fun and maybe another pretty lady would join us. About 30 minutes later the private limousine pulled up outside the airport and I was so happy that I had my passport with me this time.

But instead of going to the main passenger terminal, I was ushered into a private runway and there was Jack waiting next to his own helicopter. As I sat in the luxurious seats I asked Jack where we were going. He gave me a really dirty smile and then I realised that there was another girl behind who was already naked, he simply replied ‘All the way baby!’

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