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11 March 2019

Putting the Pleasure Back Into Business

by Administrator on 11 March 2019, under London Escorts

Sacha’s eyes darted around the room. She was taking in as many faces as possible; establishing the lay of the land as quickly as she could before Steve inevitably requested her attention again. As expected, he grabbed the dent of her arm, smiled at her warmly, and guided her gently thr more

04 March 2019

A Spontaneous Encounter

by Administrator on 04 March 2019, under London Escorts

Jemima pulled herself elegantly out of the taxi. The only thing that hinted at the slightest hurry was the mislaid curl that was sitting loosely from her otherwise-immaculate locks. She smiled at the driver as he pulled away to park somewhere a little less conspicuous. She glanced fleeti more

08 January 2017

Chosen Escorts

by Administrator on 08 January 2017, under London Escorts

She swished the blue liquid around in her mouth humming a tune in her head as she spitted into the porcelain bowl. She leaned down and splashed warm water on her face, and then tried to pat sex-messed blonde locks back into some kind of shape. Following the private party she attended las more

05 January 2017

House Party

by Administrator on 05 January 2017, under London Escorts

“This is it?” Frances walked around Jeffrey’s stage at the latter’s residence, an abandoned church. “This is where you’re having your after party?” “Yes,” Jeffrey said. “What kind of after party is this?” “It’s more

02 January 2017

Claiming Her Together

by Administrator on 02 January 2017, under London Escorts

Don sauntered into the house with a brunette. She was all curves and soft lips a super horny escort from London’s Baywater area. Tight ass and firm thighs and full, bouncy hair. Dark eyes that screamed sex and cleavage peeking out of the top of low cut lacey top. She was exactly Se more

26 December 2016

New Things

by Administrator on 26 December 2016, under London Escorts

Fiona was running a little late when she drew up at Donovan’s mansion such a typical escort. It wasn’t her fault. The traffic leaving London was atrocious and his car service had been late. She checked herself one more time in the mirror and then alighted from the vehicle. “Hey more

21 December 2016

Two Girls and Buzzing Appliances

by Administrator on 21 December 2016, under London Escorts

“Hello, you have reached London’s, premiere escort service BOL, Helen speaking, how may I help you?” “Yes hello, my husband is away for the weekend and I would like some company.” “I’m sorry miss, but we currently have no male escorts on our books.” “That’s fine. more

18 December 2016

I Dont Mind Licking

by Administrator on 18 December 2016, under London Escorts

“I always feel so much more limber after lesbian sex,” said Janet, stretching. “I don’t know why,” Calista said snappishly. “It’s not like you’re exerting yourself or anything. It’s your fingers doing all the work!” “Calista,̶ more

17 December 2016

Birthday Party Escorts

by Administrator on 17 December 2016, under London Escorts

“Girls, girls, girls! Settle down. The faster we settle down the faster we finish up here and you can all get in the lovely tour bus waiting and go to the party.” The roomful of girls quieted down and listened attentively as Cara outlined the program for the night. Kieran Arnold was more

14 December 2016

Stroking Along The Bare Skin

by Administrator on 14 December 2016, under London Escorts

“Come on, don’t be a wimp,” Rachel taunted as she pushed the shot glass across the table. Sandra wrinkled her nose and looked down at it as it moved across the pristine wood of the table, appearing very skeptical. They had been at this for the better part of an hour, and Sandra was more

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