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Voluptuous London girls who are always discreet

Trust is the basis of every good relationship. This is a belief that I exercise with all my clients in my job as an escort who is hired by some of the wealthiest men and women who are residents of London. My client Roger has had his trust broken way too many times so in the beginning of our relationship he was reluctant to open up to me. But I’m a very trustworthy person. I take care of secrets the way I take care of my men. It’s between the two of us, I cherish them and I keep them dear to my heart.

On my first date with Roger, I could tell he was mesmerized by my beauty. The look on his face was one of admiration one that was easy to decipher, but one that he tried hard to hide. He didn’t like giving himself away, but his body wasn’t as discreet as he wanted it to be. Once I had taken my top off and introduced him to my natural 36F breasts, his body showed me just how much he loved them. It’s hard for men to fathom that my breasts are indeed real, but one feel and they know that they are as natural as they come. So when Roger asked me the question that a lot of men ask, ‘Are they real?’ I had one answer. ‘Why don’t you check for yourself.’  And the looks on their faces always represent just how awed they are and I love each and every second of it. Out of all the escorts they’ve been entertained by they’d never seen a gal in London with quite a pair as perfect and voluptuous as mine. Needless to say, Robert, after getting to know me and my body a little bit better, he had no hold backs when it came to opening up to me and showing me exactly what he was working with. Now, all his secrets, his dirty little secrets, I know them all.

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