His gorgeous little escort

I believe that change is a good thing, that’s why I like to spice things up in the bedroom every now and then. Stewart, a shy engineer from London with a passion for escorts from Spain was witness to this not too long ago. A regular boyfriend, he was never bored with the things that I had to offer. In fact, he loved spending time with me and always made sure to tend to all my mental and physical needs with the utmost dedication.

One night, when Stewart paid me a visit, I was feeling rather adventurous and decided to add a bit of change to our relationship; positive change of course. Rather than having him take care of me which, is what he enjoyed doing more than anything. I took a bit of the power away from him, showing him just how enjoyable it was to kick back and have someone else tend to him. ‘Stewart,’ I said, as I moved a lone finger from the nape of his neck to his strong and manly chest, ‘tonight will be all about you.’ He seemed hesitant at first, perhaps due to the fact that he was resistant when it came to having the power taking away from him. A placed a gentle kiss on his neck, reassuring him that it was okay to allow me to be in charge, just this once. ‘I’m all yours my gorgeous little escort,’ he said after a short while. However, his body language said something different. I could feel the tension build under my hands. His neck, his back, they were all as stiff as a rock and I knew that if he was going to enjoy what I had in store, he ought to achieve complete and utter relaxation. I motioned for him to lay on his tummy and I kneaded my fingers into each section of his back, loosening him up with ease. Only when I knew that he was completed relaxed did I tell him to lay on his back so that I could show him what I really wanted to get up to.

‘You just know how to make a man want you and miss you each day of the week,’ he said once we were through. There is no doubt in my mind that Stewart thoroughly enjoyed giving up his power. Why? Because after that night, he not only gave up the upper hand with ease, but he often requested that I take control.

About the author:
Born in Spain Kira currently lives in London and escorts part time.

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