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Escorts in The Desert

Josh did not want me to leave to go to the airport. I had sneakily booked in an appointment with a client, but was also booked on an afternoon flight to Marrakech, escorts London chicks just love overseas bookings.

So, I said a sad farewell to Josh and promised I would ring him as soon as I arrived. I had never been to Morocco, and the three girls would be chaperoned throughout. It would be safe as we were staying at a decent four star hotel on the outskirts and would be taxied to a traditional Riad in the centre of the city the next day, and the day after. I was worried about any hassle, but was advised to wear a head scarf, and that was exactly what I would wear, so I packed several in my large case. The lingerie from my last London shoot had been sent over by courier.

At the airport, the other two girls were very pretty and we all checked in together. One looked like Audrey Hepburn and the second had a strong resemblance to a young Diana Rigg, an actress who was famed for her roles in the TV series, “The Avengers”. She was tall, slim and possessed a small bust and very slim hips. Tania, the Audrey-lookalike, was cute and had a curvy frame, but was more petite than I. I was so pleased that I had company on the journey, and we shared that we hoped we would have the opportunity to shop, escorts they were not but London girls all love to shop. I wanted to buy material for my cushions and was assured we would get to the night market, and have a brief tour of some of the sights, including the main square.

We’d arrived and piled into a car, having met Martin and his wife, Ami, who were our chaperones for the duration. They would stay with us throughout the day, and would take us out tomorrow. We only had a four hour filming session on the second day, but the next day would be long, with a six am breakfast and a five pm finish. It was dark by five-thirty, so we had time to arrive back at the hotel, to rest for an hour, and then go out to shop and have a traditional dinner.

We arrived at the hotel, which was actually a Maison D’Hote, or a small boutique hotel, with a lush palm-tree filled garden, ochre-coloured walls, a marble reception hall and a friendly reception desk. We had three deluxe rooms, and were shown to them, side-by-side. Being four kilometres outside of the city, was actually pleasant, almost as though we were staying in the desert. I was already looking forward to this experience!


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