Amira complete and utter perfection

There’s this secret garden in London that I like to head out to when I’m in the mood to get some thinking done. It’s so quiet there that I can hear the thoughts going on in my head. I know, it may sound strange and when I tell this to other escorts they often believe that it sounds a bit crazy. However, I can guarantee you that just about anyone in the world who visits my secret garden will be in receipt of a high degree of clarity. That’s why when Steven was having a bit of an artistic block, I recommended the garden to him.

Steven was a client I met a while ago, when I first started working in the escort industry. Ever since our first meeting, he has kept up his visits and hasn’t gone too long without getting his much needed dosage of Amira. So, of course with someone like Steven, I’m never hesitant to give away my secrets and allow him to enjoy some of the things I hold closest to my heart.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. London had one of those times where they sky was a permanent gray, but it refused to rain. He’d called me because he wanted to paint and his studio just wasn’t enough to get his creative juices flowing. I, on the other hand, was having one of those days where I felt as though I needed to reflect on life and take in a bit of nature while I was at it and thus, naturally, I was headed to the garden. I invited Steven to take along his art supplies and see if perhaps this special place would trigger the creativity he was looking for.

At the garden, we sat close to each other, looking at the beautiful flowers, the trees, the butterflies and just admiring how beautiful it all was. And then Steven turned to me and said, ‘Of all the beautiful things in this garden, the most beautiful one is sitting right beside me.’ He then placed a kiss on my cheek, I lowered my shirt so that my bare shoulders and large breasts stared back at him, he turned to his art supplies and started to sketch away. The end result was the most beautiful drawing I’d ever had done of myself. It was pure, innocent and just complete and utter perfection. I guess the garden really did bring out the best in Steven.

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