He brushed my nipples

I’ve been toying with the idea of using my feather fan with a client from the agency, and trying out a few Latin style burlesque moves, when Marco rang me. He wanted to book the weekend in Prague during the third week in November and that was only just under four weeks away. I could not do the dates.

I explained, “My first free weekend is the second week in January. Will that be any good? I’ve love to meet-up before then.”

“Of course, let me see; January is good – keep it free. Can we meet at mine next Wednesday? It will be for the usual two hours and I’ll cook dinner.”

I knew my mum would be here, but she could do her coursework. She wouldn’t mind if I sloped off between 8 and 11.


Marco poured out more wine. He was dressed only in boxers and I liked looking at his firm, tanned body. He wanted head in his lap, followed by dinner, followed by him deep inside me, but I’m an open minded escort and I was used to his directness.

We chatted as he cooked chicken breast wrapped in ham, which he sliced over a green salad. I would not be able to manage anything more and the first glass of wine had already gone to my head.

I wanted to visit Prague with Marco, but now that I was seeing more of Vlad, I didn’t want to be going away with Marco for more than two nights/three days.

It was then that he dropped the bombshell. “I’m thinking of going back to Sardinia in March. My mother isn’t that well and she is still looking after my grandparents. I’m thinking of letting Johanna manage the bar here, and I’ll open a bar out there. Will you miss me?”

I smiled, “Of course. If you need any escorts who can double as burlesque dancers, I’ll come out for you and dance for you.” With that, I picked out a sexy CD and picked up my fan. A week of practice had helped somewhat. I was slow, sexy and the bulge in his shorts grew, as I slowly stripped for him, keeping my assets covered as far as possible with the fans.

He could not wait to consume me. As soon as I’d finished, I threw him the fans. He caught them, picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. “I have an appetite for you. Two more times I will take you, my beauty, but not before I tease you with these feathers.” I relished how he brushed my nipples with them, bringing out their peaks. I reached out and caressed him through his shorts. I was more than ready for him.



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