A break from the Agency

I like to take two long-haul holidays and three weekend breaks each year. With everything else I have to fit in as an escort, I need time off for myself too.  I have two very close, best friends who know what I do for a living at the agency, so we have girlie short breaks, usually in Europe. However, when I travel long-haul, it is usually solo.  I take my kindle, my iPhone and I combine shopping with chilling and sunbathing.  

I’ve just come back from a two-week trip to Singapore and Bali. I flew business class so I relaxed and felt refreshed when I arrive. With business class you do not get unwanted attention from solo male travellers and you take full advantage of the forty kilo luggage allowance to boot. There was plenty of room in the spare suitcase inside my main suitcase to fill up with goodies.

In Singapore, I had three dresses made out of silk so I could wear them on holiday for a tenth of what I would pay at home in London and a fitted leather jacket in red and another in black. Well the opportunities for their use are endless, aren’t they? Teamed with fishnet stockings and suspenders, no knickers or bra and a leather tie around my neck, it would look rather sexy to most of my clients!

In Bali, the Carrefour supermarket in Denpasar was pure shopping heaven for me. I trudged up and down the aisles, filling a whole trolley with inexpensive items, whilst my privately-hired taxi waited outside. I topped up on alcohol, well, okay I bought a little more than my allowance, but I knew I wouldn’t be checked and I wasn’t. Fairly expensive moisturisers and hosiery were so cheap I could have bought half the shop. I get through a lot of hosiery you see; a peril of the job as a lady of the evening. Then Victoria’s Secret in the mall was hugely discounted, so I came away with two bags of gorgeous underwear.

The rest of my time, I took advantage of the sun and bathed in the hot rays. Each morning I had a full-body massage on the beachfront, which lulled me to sleep. I read, swam and ate healthy, delicious Indonesian food each day, looking out over the sunset. I even took a day out to peruse the local jewellery and wood carving markets. It is certainly somewhere I would come back with a boyfriend!

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