Legs Parted

Callie and her boyfriend, Jack, were late. I waited in the hotel room patiently, playing with my fine gold bracelet. I had met both before, but that was at a party in suburban London. Now complements of the new escorts agency I’ve signed up with they were to become first-time clients. I had no idea how this would progress. Callie seemed easy-going, pretty and friendly, whereas Jack had a roving eye at the party. He’d undressed me within five minutes of meeting me, metaphorically speaking.

I heard the sound of approaching footsteps. They’d arrived. After sharing a bottle of wine, the talk moved onto what they wanted out of the next hour or so. Jack took the lead.

“Well, I was thinking I can watch you with Callie so that would get me good and ripe for you. I guess, then it would be straight sex and Callie wanted to watch whilst she played with herself. I think she gets off at the thought of watching me screwing. She’s always on about using mirrors so she can see my bum clenching when I come.”

Callie blushed, “Well, I wanted to see you fuck another girl. Just the once…” That was Jack’s turn to blush and I guessed he was probably sleeping around without her knowledge. That was only my assumption though, not a fact.

After that conversation, I guessed that they were comfortable being open about what they wanted and an agency escort could tick all the boxes that they needed ticking. I looked at them as I slipped out of my high heels. They stared at me and both of them gulped. It wasn’t time for talking now, but time for action.

“So, who would like to undress me?” I asked suggestively, licking my lips salaciously. I played with the top button of my blouse and ran my hands down my breasts, hovering over my nipples and feeling them respond. Then I tweaked them and let my head roll back as the pleasure travelled down between my legs. I was ready for Callie and hoped she would be brave enough to explore me too.

“Me,” they responded jointly, and both burst out laughing. They rose and walked towards me. I stood with my legs parted and waited for the fun to begin.


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