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The adventures of a London beauty

At only 19 years old, the clients that I meet through the agency are always mesmerized by the tricks I have up my sleeve. I’m an adventurous person and being an escort, I like to make my clients the adventures that I undertake. So, what does one do when they are on an adventure?

Well, for me, this involves exploring, as well as pushing limits and creating new boundaries. It goes without saying that my clients are never hesitant when it comes to allowing me to take control of their bodies and carry out my explorations. In fact, this is what keeps them coming back for more. I’m always in the mood to put my womanly tools to good use; Elmer, for example is one of my clients in London who is exceptionally keen on being the subject of my adventures. The first time that I showed him just how much of a good time I am is what had him coming back for more. Instead of just scheduling weekly visits to his precious Ella, he takes the time out to see me twice a week at the very least and most times, begs me to stay overnight saying that he just can’t get enough.

The bedroom is typically where our adventures start. Equipped with mirrors at each angle, he gets to see himself and me, and watch as his face lights up with each touch and as my body in the most sensual way under his grasp. And when I take my exploration to the south, I bring him to his knees with the pleasure being more than he can withstand. Having graced the living room with more energy than imaginable, we make our way to the kitchen where we refuel on some delicious treats. At this time, my body is usually used as the platter, perfectly decorated with sweets and I get to save my energy while he delicately places one decadent treat in my mouth after the other. Once the refueling is done, the kitchen counters, dining table and just about every surface in the kitchen of my London apartment gets introduced to our adventure.

Our night only comes to a close when we have both completely worn ourselves out and the only thing left to do is to snuggle our bodies together underneath a cozy blanket with the AC unit on full blast.

About the author:
A genuine star at her London escort agency, 19 year old escort Ella is not only a gifted host but also a great chronicler of her exploits.

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