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Some people call it love at first sight. But to me, it was all a huge coincidence. Yes, I was one of those girls who shied away from anything too serious. I loved having fun and being only twenty years old, settling down wasn’t on my list of things to do- not by a long shot. As a escort, I got to meet so many wonderful people. I had adventures that girls only dream of. I received pleasure that was limitless. There were no attachments. There was just me, fun and even more fun when I wanted it. As fate would have it, things changed. I was waiting for a cab in the ever busy city of London when right beside me, stood the most perfect being I’d ever laid my eyes on. He took my breath away the moment he flashed his gorgeous smile in my direction. I never intended on becoming his. Not for a night. Not for a moment. Guys like those, they like to steal a woman’s heart and run away with it. There was no way I would allow him to do that to me. But when he spoke, I forgot all the promises I made to myself.

I allowed him to introduce me to his world. I allowed him to take my body to new heights and not for a moment did I regret it. We’d been together for a few months when I decided that it was my turn to surprise him and I surely had a great plan. He’d always told me just how interested he was in having a threesome and I thought his birthday was the perfect opportunity to grant him his wish. I blindfolded him and led him up to the hotel room where a lovely friend of mine from the agency waited to show him just how much fun he could have with two beautiful ladies. Once the blindfold was removed, his mouth dropped in awe. He thanked me over and over again that night and definitely took full advantage of the present I had waiting for him. The three of us had so much fun together that we decided to make our hookups a regular thing. He loves watching me with her and I love watching him with her. Our life together got worlds more interesting from that night on. Now, it’s time to think of another way to take his breath away.

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